Old projects

I am a curious person with creative interests. Before becoming a museologist I’ve coordinated several art projects. I’ve recorded experimental lo-fi music, directed some video art projects, done some street art stuff…and I’m still trying to conquer the world. Here you have a sample of them: 

I recorded several records with a netlabel, as a personal project or as collaborations with other musicians. Most of the songs are experimental music made without any pretension. The aim was to create sensations or environments. Anxiety, anger, serenity, joy or fear, the question was to convey moods. The influences are as varied as the mix of styles that make each song an impossible construction. I am also a member of Els Autèntics Tactel djs, as a bizarre djs band where I’ve played at the main dancehalls of Catalonia, such as Razzmatazz, among several others.

Video art
I’ve done several video art projects, most of them related to life performances of poetry, dance or play shows:
  • Pagant, Sampere Canta (2007)

  • Migracions (2007)
  • Sleep (2006)
  • Pervertimento (2005)
  • Pors (2005)
  • Un Poble Mut (2005)
  • Identitats (2005)

Street Art
Beuys thought than art was life. Street art it also is. Back at the begining of the 2000’s, I felt that street was mine, so I did some experimental projects with posters, that had some local press coverage: 
  • 50 anys (2003) Press
  • Anuncis del Passat (2002) Press
  • Kippelboy (2001)
  • Els Inicis (2000)
World’s conquer
It is a collaborative project to record my presence on the planet. Started in 2000, is possibly one of the first initiatives undertaken in web2.0 in Catalan territory. Since then, there have been over 1.250 photos in 80 different countries. Time to snap but not to focus! Project Website

Digital projects for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. Specialist in Wiki environments.





Conquering the world!

Old projects